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The Automated Club is a cloud based system for selling entries to events and managing club memberships.

It is perfect for Event Organisers and Amateur sporting clubs.

In addition to event entries, The Automated Club has a real time and integrated race results module for events such as running, triathlon, cycling and other multisports. 

Support functions such as merchandise sales, volunteer rostering, real time dashboard / reporting and sponsor management are also included.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to our clients that meet the requirements of their individual event or club.


The idea for The Automated Club came from founder Paul Fenton.


Working closely with Event Organisers around Australia, Paul has developed the system to provide many of the functions that other systems won't offer. Usually, if a feature is requested by a client and it doesn't already exist in the system, the software can be enhanced to allow the new functionality.

Paul has also been president of Newcastle Cross Country Club and witnessed how much burden was being placed on the volunteers of the committee to conduct the club’s activities, especially managing memberships, event entries and publishing race results.

Paul believed there had to be a more efficient way for running clubs to co-ordinate things like events and membership sign ups, publishing race results and rosters for volunteers.

The Automated Club was developed to remove all manual and time intensive tasks associated with running the club.

Paul’s objective is to help event organisers and clubs all over the world with their tech needs to realise the same benefits by adopting the software.

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