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When using The Automated Club, there are two fees to consider:

  • Our fee for processing the registration ($1.10 + 1.1% for each ticket)*

  • Merchant fee paid to the payment processor (e.g. or PayPal), usually around 1 to 2%

Other fees apply for self serve event registration transfers/changes and automated SMS messages from the system.

*quoted fees are $AUD and excl. GST

This allows for the club to pay a set fee for use of the system based on the number of members who join the club.

The Automated Club has been designed to allow for local sponsors to gain exposure with banner advertisements in emails, results pages and all other publicly accessible pages. We will work with you to provide proposals to potential sponsors in your local area to fund your adoption of The Automated Club platform!

case study two


Some event organisers and clubs choose to absorb the processing fee.

In this case, the processing fee of $4.47 from case study one is included in the $100 charged to the customer.

Therefore, the event organiser will receive:


$100 minus $4.47 = $95.53

The customer will be billed a grand total of $100

case study one


It is common to pass on registration processing fees to the end customer. This ensures the event organiser receives the full entry fee for the event.

On a $100 event entry where the payment merchant fee is Stripe's standard rate of 30c + 1.75%, here is the calculation of what the end customer will be charged:

Our fee = $100 * 1.1% + $1.10 + GST = $2.42

Stripe fee = $100 * 1.75% + 0.30 = $2.05

TOTAL Processing Fee = $4.47

The customer will be billed a grand total of $104.47

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